Your orders shipped the same day : To minimize delays, we make a special effort on optimizing the process and preparation of your order.
- Orders placed before 12:00, and paid by credit card or Paypal, are shipped the same day.
- Orders placed after 12pm are shipped the next morning.
For orders paid by check or bank transfer, shipping is done on the day payment is received.

We ship in more than 25 European countries. Delivery in Europe in 2 to 4 days by express mail, 3 to 6 days with regular shipping. You will receive a tracking number for your parcel. At any time, you can control the process, from preparation until delivery. If order is larger than usual, shipping can be arranged, with your agreement, by another logistics partner than the those mentioned in this chapter.

Shipping free inside of EU for 250€ of order

Secured packing

We take best care in packing your goods. The bottles are shipped in secure packs, by the unit, or by batches, up to 12 bottles. Packages are insured against theft, loss, or breakage until to 23€/kg (excluding additional optional insurance). We recommend that you check the integrity of your parcel at reception. In case of doubt, make sure, in the presence of the delivery person, that goods are in perfect condition.

caisse envoi bouteille saké caisse envoi bouteille saké