About us

The company

Midorinoshima is a French company founded in 2006 and specialized in the import, promotion, and distribution of high-end Japanese sake and spirits. At a time when Orient and Occident are meeting on our tables, sake is slowly settling, just as other drinks have done in the past. So, do not waste a minute, let yourself be guided! 

Midorinoshima France SARL au capital de 38500.00€
Siège Social : 5 Avenue du Maréchal Leclerc
20137 Porto-Vecchio
Entrepôts : Route du Mole 2 et 3
92637 Gennevilliers Cedex

Siret : 490 599 560
TVA IC : FR38 490 599 560
N° Accises : FR011004E0043

Tél. : +33 (0)9 79 23 15 98
Mail : info@midorinoshima.com

The Team

Arisa Suda and Jean Jacques Bacci, we are founders and partners. We come from very different backgrounds, Arisa, specialized in computer security, Jean Jacques, Doctor in Neurobiology. It is the love of good things, the taste for excellence and the sense of sharing that have led us in this great adventure. We are happy to help introduce sake, beyond geographical and cultural boundaries.

Arisa Suda et Jean Jacques Bacci Société Midorinoshima


Since 2006, we offer Japanese sake and spirits on our online shop. We have selected each product over time, with the utmost attention, in the idea of ​​bringing together all the best things from Japan. Varied products, from classics to more confidential, and especially compositions designed to make you discover in the most beautiful ways.

Jean Jacques

Our goal is to make your sake experience as pleasant as possible. From the moment you visit our pages, simply to get information, to you finally taste our products, we make every effort to ensure that everything goes well. A fast and neat delivery, an available team, personalized advices on a simple phone call is exactly what you will find here.