The man behind the Tonoike Shuzoten brewery is called Itsugoro Tonoike. He was born in 1904. He was the fifth boy of the Tonoike Sogoro Shoten family brewery and left it at a very young age to found his own brewery. The history of the original kura, like that of many sake breweries in Tochigi, is very interesting. It was created by a family from a group of workers from the remote Shiga locality, the "Oomi Shonin". Their appearance goes back to 1590, date on which Hideyoshi Toyotomi sends a Daïmyo of the name of Ujisato Gamo since Oomi, towards Fukushima. This one is accompanied by many artists, men of science (the shokunin), and merchants; the mission which is entrusted to him by Toyotomi is to make the West of Japan more active, by creating commercial links with the East. Over time, some of the members of this group would establish residence in Tochigi and begin to make sake. Thus, a new style was born in the region, based on the techniques of Oomi scholars, and surrounded by secrets known only to merchants.

Brasserie de saké de Tonoike Shuzoten

The Tonoike family, descended from the Oomi Shonin, founded the original kura of Tonoike Sogoro Shoten (this one is still in operation today). But Itsugoro Tonoike directed it only in his youth, with his brother, because he decided in 1937 to settle in the nearby town of Mashikoe to brew alone, within his own Kura, Tonoike Shuzoten.

At the moment, their main cuvée is called Sanran, but recently, a special series has been added to the range. Called "bo:", it represents a new challenge in their history... and perhaps in brewing history in general.

Brasserie de saké japonais de Tonoike Shuzoten


Sake "bo:" are the special vintages of the Tonoïke house. From this series, we have selected Tokubetsu Junmai and Junmai Ginjo, sake that immediately caught our attention as they confronted us with a kind of taste paradox. In fact, their style is unique from the very first taste: one notes the freshness, but above all the discretion of the aromas... Yet these are clear, very present, even strangely vigorous. An astonishing sensation for a sake that, overall, appears discreet, yet carries remarkably differentiated flavors!

This series has been purposely created, with controlled flavors so as not to disturb the balance of the dishes and to ensure that the sake is a slightly subdued accompaniment, but with an affirmed character. The association with the dishes provides a completely new, almost addictive taste experience!

Its name, "Bo:", means "looking beyond", and it is the story of the series, a trail to what tomorrow's sake could be.

Saké Japonais bo: de la brasserie Tonoike Shuzo

Bo: Tokubetsu Junmai
A sake made from Misayama Nishiki rice. The mouth is clear, sharp, and full of freshness. The acidity is marked, the rich aromas will not disturb the meal, and it is therefore suitable for the entire length of the meal. Recommended temperature 15 ℃.
A very clean Tokubestu Junmaï, perfect to accompany your meal!
72cl - alc. 16% vol. 34€

Bo: Junmai Ginjo
Beautiful notes of Ginjo, fruity flavors with citrus fruits, grapefruit, orange on a marked acidity and a remarkable balance with the sweetness of rice. Recommended tasting temperature of 15°C.

A lot of freshness for this sake, with fruity notes of citrus fruits.
72cl - alc. 16.5% vol. 38€