The history of Masahiro Shuzo begins in 1883, at the foot of Shuri Castle, the most famous castle in Okinawa. Founded by Higa Masafumi, this modest Awamori distillery became over time one of the most important in the archipelago to the point of employing more than forty people today. It is of course concentrated on the elaboration of awamori, the traditional local drink, but Masahiro Shuzo innovates and also produces shochus, black koji vinegars, and this magnificent gin.

Distillerie de Masahiro shuzo à Okinawa dans les années 50

Masahiro Shuzo in the 50s

This first and unique Okinawan Craft Gin, on an awamori base, comes out of Masahiro Shuzo's stills in 2017. Its elaboration is the result of a hybrid technique that combines European gin production methods with traditional Awamori making. Indeed, the Awamori is always obtained by a simple distillation in an iron still unique in Okinawa. After maceration of the botanical elements, a second distillation is carried out in a column still. An original, hybrid production method.

alambic traditionnel de distillation de l'awamori et du gin d'okinawa

Botanical elements
Six types of plants are used. In addition to juniper, they are tropical plants that enter in maceration: the Guava tree, the roselle (Guinea hibiscus), the Goya, an Okinawa cucumber, the shiikuwasha, which is the most widespread citrus fruit on the archipelago, and the pipatsu, a long pepper of the islands.

Eléments botaniques utilisés dans la production du Gin japonais d'okinawa

Tasting notes

The final product is remarkable. The nose is fine, fruity, it subtly reveals the rustic background of traditional Awamori. The notes of juniper are sweet, mixed with the fruity notes of citrus and exotic fruits. It is fine and lively on the palate, always marked by fruit. It evolves slowly on warm and complex notes. The spices are more marked, black pepper expresses itself clearly and the dry extracts are reminiscent of Awamori. Very present smoky notes, accompanied by the vivacity of the shiikuwasha citrus fruit.

Bouteille de gin japonais d'okinawa masahiro gin

A gin with fruity and tropical accents, and a successful first recipe. In the words of its President "these aromas had never been tasted before. It was a hot day of the tropical summer and we felt the Mahae (the seasonal wind of Okinawa), enveloping us with new fragrances".

Modes of consumption

dégustation du gin japonais d'okinawa masahiro gin en gin tonic

- Pure tasting. A gin so fine that it is above all a magnificent digestive, with or without ice.

- In gin tonic. Choose a very light soda so as not to miss the complexity of the fruit aromas.

- In cocktails. Likewise, prefer the simple things, to marry with tropical fruits, avoiding spices and preferring light sodas.

Masahiro Okinawa Gin
Recipe 01

70cl - alc. 47% vol.