Established since 1910 in Himeji city, famous for its egret like castle and the quality of rice produced there, Nadagiku Brewery is owned by the former company called "Kawaishi Alcohol Limited". Having gone from mass production to a very small unit of only 200 goku (36,000 liters per year) in a few decades, it is a return to quality that illustrates their work today, with sake made only from local rice and an average semaibuaï of 59%.  

chateau de himeji au japon

Misa Kawashii toji de la brasserie de saké de nadagiku

The place is both a place of production and, with more than 100,000 visitors a year, a center of interest for those wishing to learn more about sake. Misa Kawaishi, the youngest of the current owner's three daughters, is in charge of production. She is one of the few Toji women in Japan to belong to the Nambu Toji Guild.


If their Daïginjo Judo is necessarily the most refined expression of the brewery's know-how, we have chosen to oppose it with Honjozo Genshu and Junmaï Chokarakuchi through this selection. All of which will weigh in the balance with rich and powerful sake.


This power is very quickly found on this Honjozo Genshu, with 18% alcohol, a rich umami, and a very juicy sake. We discover in the mouth notes of lychee that evolve on more lactic and cereal notes. A strong impact, good acidity, and above all a very clear sake.  

Bouteille de saké japonais Nadagiku Chokarakuchi Junmaï

Our tasting advices: to be served over the whole temperature range, from fresh to heated, on rich food, on powerful umami dishes, on fried food, or salted broths.


It is certainly their bestseller of the classic Nadagiku cuvée. A very dry Junmaï, as its name indicates (cho = very; karakuchi = dry) and extremely precise. One discovers discreet notes of cereals and dried fruits, hazelnuts, to conclude in a clear way on a beautiful kirei finish.  

bouteille de saké japonais Nadagiku Honjozo Genshu 72cl

Our tasting advices: just like the honjozo, this junmaï can be eaten over the whole range of temperatures, from fresh to hot, with blue-veined meat dishes or rather fatty fish. Sharpness and "rinsing effect" between two bites guaranteed.


This is nothing new to us, but it would have been a shame to leave you without talking about it. Judo is a special cuvée with blue-white-red accents that the Kawaishi family decided to produce in homage to their ancestor Mikinosuke Kawaishi, a pioneer of judo in France since he settled in Paris in the 1930s. A magnificent Junmaï Daïginjo that contributes not only to the family's reputation, but also to the reputation of the entire Hyogo Prefecture. Produced from Hyogo Yumeshishiki rice, it is the result of a slow fermentation at low temperature, and bottling which takes place just after filtration. It is kept for several months at a negative temperature for a magnificent result, a sake with a character that is both fruity and straightforward, an elegant sweetness, a superb depth, and a lot of freshness! 

Our tasting advice: a refined sake to be served chilled or at room temperature. To be enjoyed neat or with sophisticated cuisine.


discover the work of the brewery through this selection.

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