We are proud to present Nomirinko, a rare product! You certainly know the mirin, this condiment widely used in Japanese cuisine. Well it is a mirin to drink that we suggest you discover. This one is produced by Komatsu Shuzo, in Saga. This category does not exist in our catalog, we have chosen to place it in the "exceptional vintages" category and you will quickly understand why...


Founded at the end of the Edo period, Komatsu Shuzo is located in the northern part of Saga Prefecture on Kyushu Island. In the heart of a generous and preserved natural environment, this micro-brewery still works today according to entirely artisanal methods and the volumes that come out of it are very limited. If the quality of their sake is undeniable and deserves the detour, it is another of their products that caught our attention, their drinking mirin that they have been producing since 2012.

Brasserie de saké de Komatsu Shuzo à Saga

Mirin is an atypical product with a fascinating history. It is considered today as a simple condiment, but it was a very popular drink from the time of its appearance in the 16th century, especially among women of the wealthiest classes who enjoyed this nectar.

estampes représentant des femmes japonaise buvant du saké

Its success did not stop growing, especially since this beverage could be preserved easily and for a long time. During the 17th and 18th century, it became really fashionable, and people started to use it in cooking. Unfortunately, the mechanization of the production methods will be overpowered by the quality mirin, which will be relegated little by little to the simple role of flavor enhancer in culinary preparations.

NOMIRINKO (nomu = drink...)
What a fair and beautiful return to the roots with the work of Komatsu Shuzo and this magnificent Nomirinko, literally "mirin to drink" ... or rather to savour!

Bouteille de mirin japonais à boire Nomirinko 72cl

Even before opening the bottle, reading the ingredients announces an ultra-qualitative product: it is made from locally grown sticky rice, or mochi kome, recognized as the best in Japan, koji made from Yamadanishiki rice grown in nearby Fukuoka Prefecture, and shochu, used to strengthen it, produced by the brewery itself from sake kasu. As if that wasn't enough, Nomirinko was neither filtered nor pasteurized, but rather passed through an aging vat for 4 years at room temperature... In other words, this is a rare product!

verre de saké servi avec du mirin à boire Nomirinko

The tasting! The deep brown color with orange reflections is incredibly dense, a prelude to its complexity. On the nose, the oxidative notes, marks of ageing, are present very early on. It is woody, fruity, with red fruits and prunes, candied apple, orange and caramel. The mouth is unctuous, a completely natural sweetness, no sugar having been added. It is supple, brought by sticky rice and koji. We find fruits with a predominance of caramel notes. It then opens with cereal and spicy notes, lively, drier; enough to leave the palate remarkably clean and fresh. The spices persist for a long time...

How is it consumed? A mirin to be enjoyed by itself, chilled, or with ice, as an aperitif or with dessert. During the meal, it goes very well with foie gras and blue-veined cheeses, but we can't wait to try it with game or autumn dried fruit!

72cl - alc. 14% vol. - 45€