From the Arabic boutharkha (salted and dried fish roe), to the Japanese Karasumi, (the stick of China), bottarga is the gold of the sea, a true culinary treasure. It has been produced in the Mediterranean since the dawn of time, but it is also found in Mauritania, Taiwan, and of course in Japan. With the end of summer, the spawning of the big mules begins, the ideal moment to consume last year's production in a delicious Italian specialty that is super simple to make: spaghetti alla bottargua. The Japanese twist on this dish is signed Shichiken, a tear of sake in the preparation, and a Honjozo peach in the tasting.

The ingredients

- Skin of an untreated lemon

- Garlic

- Parsley

- Breadcrumbs or panko

- Boutargue

- Olive oil

- Dried peppers

- Salt, pepper

ingrédients pour pates à la boutargue et saké japonais

The recipe

In a frying pan, fry the breadcrumbs in olive oil to brown them lightly but not too much.

In another frying pan, fry the garlic, small pieces of lemon peel (free of the white pulp that brings bitterness) and parsley in olive oil. Season with salt and pepper, a little dried chilli peppers reduced to powder or small pieces, but not too much, just for the taste and not for the spiciness. 

recettes spaghetti à la boutargue et saké japonais

Just before the spaghetti is cooked, add the breadcrumbs to the condiments in the second frying pan, then add the cooked spaghetti to soak in olive oil.

Serve and add the rapped boutargue at the last moment, as much as you like!

Spaghetti à la boutargue


Shichiken Honjozo is produced by the Yamanashi Meijo Brewery, a brewery that we particularly appreciate, as you may have noticed. It is a Honjozo with a rather present nose, it evokes ripe fruits, banana, pear. The mouth is supple and immediately reveals the quality of the spring water, Shichiken's trademark. It evolves on more power and the expression of spicy notes, white pepper, warm and rhythmic. Clean and spicy, with a slight bitterness and good acidity, these are the characteristics that made us say that it would be a good candidate to accompany this dish and it is successful. Sake & Pasta, it works!

bouteille de saké japonais Shichiken Honjozo 72cl