We are very pleased to present you today the work of Sasaichi Shuzo Brewery through two new sake of remarkable quality, the sake of the "Dan" series.


Sasaichi Shuzo's brewery is located in Otsuki-shi, in the heart of Yamanashi Prefecture. It was founded in 1661 under the name Hanadaya and renamed Sasaichi Shuzo in 1919. Like most of the Kura, it was modernized very quickly during the 20th century with the integration of numerous pieces of equipment designed to facilitate the sake making process, and moved irrevocably towards mass production. 

However, very recently, in 2013, and under the impetus of the younger generation, it decided to discard all this equipment in favor of a more qualitative and more humane production method. The transition is made through the implementation of equipment designed not to automate production, but to take care of the preparation of ingredients (example among others, the use of the latest generation of rice washing machines, capable of producing "dry steam"). The emphasis is on the preparation of koji, and on each step of the sake making process which is done manually.

Regarding the ingredients, Sasaichi Shuzo is not left out. It uses underground water from Mount Fuji; the brewery has its own spring, in situ, called Gozensui. Similarly, the rice strains are ultra-quality with the use of locally cultivated Yamadanishiki, Omachi and Yumesansui.

The return to an artisanal mode of production was a real surprise and is on the way to becoming one of the greatest successes in the sake world. No one imagined such a return to quality, but it was without counting on the talent of the young Toji Masakazu Ito, trained in the greatest kuras of the country and very involved in his mission.

Dan means "beginning", like a resurrection for this brewery. The Dan sake is part of a very interesting approach because when creating new products, the toji thinks above all about associations with food! Thus, all Sasaichi Shuzo's sake is more about typicity than expressiveness, the fruity accents being very reasonable. In short, the ideal qualities to pleasantly accompany a meal.

bouteilles de saké japonais DAN de la brasserie Sasaichi shuzo

A perfect balance between fruit and mineral character, it will accompany your dishes in an elegant way, without too much fruit and bringing a lot of freshness.
Our recommended pairings: fresh as an aperitif, with oysters and seafood, fish. At room temperature on grilled white meats.
72cl - alc. 16.5% vol.

Dan BIZEN OMACHI Junmaï Ginjo Yamahaï
If you like elegant Yamahais, DAN is perfect. It picks up the codes of Yamahaï sake with beautiful acidity and depth, while remaining fresh and sophisticated.
Our recommended matches: seafood, raw or cooked fish, grilled red meats and dishes in sauce.
72cl - alc. 16.5% vol.