Let's face it, which one of us has never fallen for a bottle just because of its appearance, just because of its shape, or because its label was really cool? In this blog and product sheets, we try to transcribe as best as possible the aromatic profile of sake, we also often talk to you about the substance rather than the shape. But now, we are taking the lead and presenting you with a selection of our most beautiful bottles!
An ultra subjective selection, because it is based on very personal criteria, but a few good gift ideas that will put the spotlight on those you wish to see enter the world of sake.
So while waiting for the taste buds, keep your pupils spread out!


Kameman Manbow - €37
Produced by Kameman Shuzo, Kumamoto Prefecture

On the case, as on the bottle, a duck. The brewery thus pays homage to all these workers in the shadows without whom the production of aïgamo rice to make this sake would be impossible.

bouteille de saké japonais Manbow

For Manbow, rice is grown using the Aïgamo method, a traditional Japanese technique that consists of raising a colony of ducks in the rice field, which feed on insects and young grasses. Their droppings are used as fertilizer and they naturally aerate the soil by digging for food. These animals ultimately make it possible to grow rice without any inputs.

Koï - 96€
Produced by Imayo Tsukasa, Niigata Prefecture

A design recognized and rewarded by various design awards such as the Penta Awards, the One Show, D&AD Awards...

Bouteille de saké japonais Koï

The opaque white bottle is covered with bright red spots evoking the most beautiful Nishikigoi Koi carp, the art of fish farming for their patterns. It is closed with a mechanical cap like a lemonade bottle and the whole is placed in a shiny white cardboard case, cut out according to the shape of a carp for a striking rendering.

Shichiken Hoshino Kagayaki - €74
Produced by Yamanashi Meijo, Yamanashi Prefecture

The shining star. A champagne bottle, a muzzle, and a cork stopper imported straight from Europe, for a design that is finally quite classic in style. But isn't it confusing to read golden Kanjis on the label of such a familiar bottle?

bouteille de saké japonais pétillant hoshinokagayaki

The case is thick and luxurious, matte black, on which a cloud of golden stars seem to rise towards the sky like the bubbles of this sparkling sake. The Shichiken Kanji is reproduced here.

Sogen Samuraï Princess - 46€
Produced by Sogen Shuzo, Ishikawa Prefecture

The beautiful and elegant princess with a very sober white case, simply marked by a metallic blue kenzan (the spearhead of the traditional Japanese samurai spear - this series is produced in homage to the Samurai Hatakeyama) and the methods used by the brewery in red stamp on a white background.

bouteille de saké japonais samuraï princess

Inside, the light blue bottle is delicate; its label takes up the codes present on the case. The name, Samurai Princess of course echoes the Junmai of the same series soberly dressed in black Sogen Junmai Sword of Samurai.

Hanahato Daïkoshu 20 years - 194€
Produced by Enoki Shuzo, Hiroshima Prefecture

An ultra-sophisticated packaging, Japanese style, for this 20 years old koshu. A wooden case surrounded by a thin paper folded origami style, all sealed with a white paper cord in the mizuhiki style.

bouteille de saké japonais hanahato Daikoshu
Inside, the cobalt-blue frosted glass bottle is reminiscent of old elixir bottles. A white collar bears the serial number of the bottle (only 500 bottles are produced, we are offering 6 this year).
Also available in 10 years editions. Same bottle, but with cardboard case.