The design of sake bottles or labels is usually ultra-sophisticated; even the novice is not indifferent to it. But when the contents are as beautiful and good as the container, one touches ecstasy. This is the case with this magnificent realization from the Imayo Tsukasa Brewery in Niigata. A Nishikigoi bottle (inspired by the art of carp breeding for their motifs), and a "Koi" sake. Did you know that the representation of a carp swimming upwards is a symbol of good fortune in Japan? Beware, the time of wishes is coming... 

Bouteilles de saké japonais Koï 72cl

Bouteille de saké japonais Koi 72cl
If the container is magnificent and exuberant, rewarded worldwide on various design shows (Penta Awards, the One Show, D&AD Award, etc...), the content remains very discreet, but very, very, qualitative! The brewery has deliberately chosen not to communicate about the "recipe", and contrary to other sake where the characteristics are listed as for the attribution of a pedigree, Imayo Tsukasa simply announces that we are dealing with... a Daïginjo... An "exclusive" sake that one must know, have tasted, and have had one day in the hands.